a modern simple homeopathic approach to plant based luxuries

We founded OLIVEBERRY with one goal in mind: to create plant-based wellness products that are luxurious and sustainable. Every product is meticulously handcrafted in small batches to ensure the highest quality we can produce. Our inspiration for OLIVEBERRY comes from the power of olives, natural berry extract and the feminine power from the goddess Oshun. The earth gives us everything we need to live long, beautiful lives. We just want to bottle that in amazing packaging for your benefit and enjoyment.

About Us

ethical + sustainable
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Meet  Tai Jenkins

Founder. Lead Artisan.

Tai Jenkins, a graduate of the University of Phoenix and the Founder of Oliveberry, began her journey in the beauty industry at Atlanta Technical College. She worked in local salons for a few years learning about different products and the effects they have on people. Over time she decided that hair and beauty products shouldn’t do things to you, products should do things for you. That began her search for vegan, organic, all natural beauty products that benefit us, not alter us.

During the birth of Oliveberry, it was important to Tai that the formulas were simple, effective and produced with quality, exotic ingredients. It was also important that the brand is inclusive for all skin types and it is. At it's core, Oliveberry's objective is to bring you simple, modern moments of wellness that care for both you and your skin.